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You've been there.

After months waiting for an appointment, you spend five rushed minutes with the doctor only to be referred to someone else. Even worse, your test results come back normal and you're told, "you'll just have to live with it." At the end of the day, you have another bill to pay and more unanswered questions.

What you really want is someone who will hit pause and listen. Someone who understands you don't want another pill; you want a solution. You want hope for the future, and we can help you find it.

As a Clinical Herbalist, Naomi Kilbreth works with people of all ages, with a focus on immune dysregulation, chronic infections, metabolic dysfunction, chronic pain, injury complications, genetic conditions, and polypharmacy. She helps people to create wellness plans that complement the standard medical care they are receiving. When you hire her as your herbalist, you will get direct access to her and 100% support for your healthcare needs! Naomi’s education and experience in understanding anatomy and physiology, pathology, natural health, homeostasis, energetics, and herbalism enable her to give you high quality care. She draws from Traditional Western Herbalism and Southern Folk Medicine traditions to help clients understand themselves and what they need to improve their health. All clients receive ongoing support via text and email as they apply their plans. 

Naomi Kilbreth is not licensed by the state of Maine to diagnose disease, prescribe medications, perform invasive procedures, or recommend a person discontinue prescribed medication. As a legally unlicensed health care professional, she uses non-invasive assessment techniques to understand underlying body type and tissue states, to educate clients about their bodies, and to help clients create holistic wellness plans that will promote energetic balance and encourage the body to heal itself. She can also order blood work as needed through an independent clinic, assist clients in reading the results, and work with their medical providers to create a complete and balanced plan, making appropriate referrals as needed. Such plans generally include custom herbal remedies, which she prepares during visits.

If you are ready to start fresh and try something new and effective, schedule your consultation today by clicking the button below to complete the intake survey, and we will be in touch to schedule your consultation.

We look forward to working with you! 


Financial Hardship


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Those who experience financial hardship will be offered an initial visit with herbal supplies and no required follow ups for a reduced fee. As a new client, you will be asked about your financial burden when you request an appointment.
If you have any questions, please email us at or fill out the contact form.

 If you are an existing client and you have an urgent need,
please contact us directly via email.

Family Policy

To support families in providing holistic wellness care for their children, initial visits with individual members of a family unit may be followed up with subsequent one hour sessions to address ongoing needs of current clients, up to four per consultation hour.

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 For example, a family of six may have one parent and two children who would benefit from herbalist care. After these three have had their initial visits, the parent may bring their two children in for a joint follow up session, and if time allows, all may be seen for the cost of one session. This is not a guarantee that all family members will be served during that time, but it allows for the space to discuss general family needs and specific needs of current clients within the family unit during a single session. If you have questions about this policy, please contact us by emailing or by using the contact form.

My Appointment 
What is the
Financial Investment?

Once you complete the survey and are accepted as a client, you are expected to fill out the service policies and intake form and pay for the package to schedule your appointment.

1.The initial package $325

  This includes the initial visit, two half-hour follow-ups scheduled at one-month intervals, as well as herbal remedies for each visit

(typically 4oz of herbal product)

based on your herbalist’s recommendations,

free shipping if needed.


2.Subsequent visits are:

30 minutes - $85

 60 minutes - $105

(including 4 ounces of herbal products)

 per your herbalist’s recommendation.

Refills can be purchased as needed for a separate fee.

If it has been more than one year since you have seen Naomi, please contact us to schedule an initial package. 

Additional Services

Herbalist Care Chat 
1 Session

This option allows you to purchase a single chat session as needed. $10.00 per chat

Herbalist Care Chat
5 Sessions

This option allows you to purchase multiple chat sessions at a better value. $45.00

Herbalist Care Chat
10 Chat Sessions

This option allows you to purchase multiple chat sessions and is our best value at $75.00

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