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Herbal Health for the
Whole Family

Renewing Hope & Motivating Change

What would it be like to discover that the answer to your illness was in your pantry or your backyard? 


What would it be like to know that mysterious symptoms didn’t have to equal playing phone tag with your doctor?


What would it be like if getting sick didn’t mean resorting to yet more antibiotics, pain-killers, and other drugs?


What would it be like to recognize that it is possible to be aligned with health so that it is normal and easy?


Let me ask you this final question:

What would you do with all your energy and attention when health is a natural state for you?

Hold onto these plans! You're going to need them!


"I help make health
easy and fun"


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Naomi Kilbreth

Christian Clinical Herbalist

and Aromatherapist

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Meet with Naomi to create your individualized wellness plan.

Client Portal

If you are currently a client of Laurel Tree Wellness, you can use this link to access your account, see your records, schedule an appointment,

and chat with Naomi and staff.




“After several weeks of not being able to shut my brain down and relax, I took a remedy Naomi recommended as soon as I got back in the car from purchasing it and by the time I got home I was able to sit back and watch my toddler play in the garden. It was magical!”



“Naomi has been my family’s herbalist for three years now. Her thoughtfulness, commitment, desire to help and support people, and her life experiences are just a few of the reasons she is a great Holistic Healer.”



“Best herbalist I know! She has helped our family through many illnesses naturally. She has particularly helped us troubleshoot antivirals for my mother, who is very sensitive to herbs, and ease her allergies. We have many additional tools in our health toolkit because of her.”

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