Holistic Herbalism for the Family

Holistic Herbalism for the Family

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This three hour long video course is jam-packed with helpful information to support you in creating independence in your health, even if you are on a budget, have allergies, or many people in your home to care for. 


Holistic Health for the Family covers everything from how to improve your sleep, to how to make a massage oil for an elderly family member; from how much tea is safe for a baby, to what foods are anti-inflammatory.


When you watch this course, broken into bite size pieces to watch as you are ready, including an hour of instructional video, you will be able to apply your new knowledge right away! You will know what changes you can make in your lifestyle, how to create herbal and aromatherapy blends, how to decide what diet is right for you, and so much more. Regardless of your situation, this course will help you start where you are and grow from there.


Subjects include: holistic health basics, nutrition, sleep, movement, stress, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant herbs and foods, immunity and autoimmunity, how to make common herbal remedies, how to make common aromatherapy remedies, safety and dosages, support for finding a primary care provider, tips for creating an individualized wellness plan, and so much more!


Once you have purchased this course, you will receive an email with the link and the password to have access to the course. You have unlimited access to the videos once the course is purchased.




Here is what one customer said about this course:

“This program is deeply substantial in the information Naomi provides to her clients. The information is exceptionally detailed and provides immeasurable value. I particularly enjoy how she categorizes the program for ease of reference. Each category features a video which is professionally produced, although allows her customers to view her in her own setting. There’s a tremendous amount of comfort in viewing her presentations at leisure, at the time in which I need to review a particular category. The information within the Holistic Herbalism for the Family course is timeless, indeed! I am grateful to enjoy direct, online access to this wealth of information.”


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